Monday, 18 December 2017


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                         The word CryptoCurrency (Digital money)is originated to act as a intermediate between two transactions and secure them.. It also controls the creation of additional units which leads to Unsafety of transaction, These currencies are classified into alternative and virtual currencies where alternative deals with linkage of other encrypted portals or transactions where as virtual deals with virtual memory where money is said to be transferred among certain virtual groups..CC is nothing but electronic money where the money seen in virtual but not in hands..


                  Cryptography generally refers to abstraction of information or hiding it..Generally it is known to be a mixture of mathematics,computer and electrical engineering..This method is used everywhere that needs to be protected like ATM's , Online transactions, etc.. This method is isn't a secret but its protected this matters because the use of different keywords makes it protected.. These method contains Symmetric and ASymmetric methods.. Symmetric method goes on between sharing of code between two people where as ASymmetric one deals with a code that resides only with a person and can access his/her property anywhere over the globe like ATM..

                     Crypto general means encrypted ones where only the authorized user can see it no one can gain access over it .. Encrypted ones never goes in handy with anyone where as UnEncrypted ones never have a privacy thing.. Encrypted ones are safe to use anywhere where as UnEncrypted ones come across thinking issues.

               Currency is nothing but money where one uses to satisfy themselves,currency changes among countries and values too.Currency may be virtual, real or sometimes fake,, the currency acts like medium of exchange of money or coins,where the great currency leads to great income.. The currency value of many countries vary like dollar,rupee,euro,etc..

                   When it comes to Bitcoin it follows CryptoCurrency where Cryptology is followed. It is the largest network that follows this system where real money is never used..Bitcoin is originated and supports CryptoCurrency.. This CC is highly secured and cannot be hacked by anyone unless by our own mistake.. The other organisations that follows CryptoCurrency are LiteCoin ,Ethereum ,Zcash ,Dash ..where CC plays a major role in these too.. these are also linked with bitcoin.

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