Monday, 25 December 2017


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              Ethereum was born on 2014 at north america discovered by Buterin and raised as a tough competition to Bitcoin..Ethereum is an increment that supports the principle of block chain and which also makes the support for the bitcoin..probably we can say that it is the second largest and bitcoin resides always the first..It is used as digital currency as well as to run the distributed applications.. A cloud based block chain development such as "Ethereum Blockchain as a service(EBS)". 

           Ethereum is the largest open ended decentrailesd software platform that enables smart contacts and distributed applications..This applications are build without any fraud or interference from the third party..It's not just a platform but also a programming language that runs on blockchain principles..The competition of ethereum with other cryptocurrencies is far better but very less when compare with Bitcoin..

              Both bitcoin and ethereum are powered by the principle of ledgers and cryptography but has technically seperate ways ..bitcoin follows stack based language and the programming language of etherum also has a great scope..Where as the ethreum transactions are faster than bitcoin and Etherum has "ethash" and Bitcoin has "secure hash " algorithms respectively..

                    Bitcoin is developed as alternative to regular money where as ethereum serves a platform that facilitates peer to peer transactions..Ethereum helps to build and run distributed applications unlike bitcoin..These apps are together used to promote the ethereum and also to develop this currency method . Ethereum usage is same as the bitcoin method but bitcoin has the largest currency holder and also bitcoins craze and value is increasing day by day..

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