Friday, 22 December 2017


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Mining Cryptocurrency details..

Recently an application launched for mining cryptocurrency called “Mobile miner” It is for iOS devices..

It is an open source project that is based on another application called CPU miner
and it is compiled for arm64 iOS devices from developers.

Steps :

First we have to install the per-compiled IPA file which is going to make it super easy for any one to go outside load this IPA over to their iPhone using X-code and iOS app signer

if we are a developer you want to use X-code to deploy  the project on to your device
if you are not a developer you can use the pre-compiled IPA file

*open X-code and select single view app create a new single view app and give it a product name
*you need to login with the apple ID and the apple ID needs to be a developer account
There’s an option to create a free developer account and it expired with in 7days
*Then connect the iPhone and sign the app using iOS app signer
By using simulators deploy the app directly to your iPhone.
Then open the app and configure the details into it.


Mobile miner works with many cryptocurrencies like electroneum and mainly because this is very CPU friendly currency to mine.
The app is very useful because of it runs in the background and reminds the notifications  quickly.
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