Saturday, 13 January 2018


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As per the latest news RELAINCE JIO COMMUNICATION services planning to launch its own cryotocurrency called“JIOCOIN” and the company’s venture headed by the “AKASH AMBANI” s/o “MUKESH AMBANI”

JIO communication services planned to build a BLOCK-CHAIN technology for JIOCOIN to launch its own cyrptocurrency

Relaince Jio  shakes the telecomm world with its free offers and given a big competitive for other telecomm services like AIRTEL,IDEA,VODAFONE,BSNL

JIO members are planned to hire 50members to work on the block-chain technology for “JIOCOIN”

Crypto currency is most popular and trending in all over the world. and the Relaince communication has planning to launch the “JIOCOIN”

As of now from JIO communication services they successfully launched the JIO smartphone and JIO-SIM with 4G technology and now successfully runs into the JIO-COIN which changes the world into digital currency.

IOT (internet on things) is now trending all over the world and the JIO communication services 
are following the same communication .But there is no official statement has released for 

As per sources and market the price of BITCOIN and LITECOIN decreased to 18% and 14% significantly. This may effects the crytpcurrency and “JIOCOIN”

ARUN JAITLEY who is the FINANCE MINISTER of INDIA announced that cryptocurrency is not legal in INDIA because the transactions are recorded publicly

There are 1300 cryptocurrencies worldwide and in INDIA there are 11exchanges that are dealing with cryptocurrencies

The virtual currency is the DIGITAL MONEY that money stored in the digital wallets and RBI says that there are losses in digital currency by hacking passwords and hack the digital wallet and they says no to cryptocurrency

Digital currency mostly use for illegal transactions and illicit transactions. so that no one knows who transacted the money. And there are 6lakh active cryptocurrency trade holders in the country as per TAX AUTHORITY
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Friday, 12 January 2018


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DMM Bitcoin is the crypto-currency exchange that recently launched by the DMM group.

DMM group made the grand opening and the exchange is giving away 1,000 yen to all customers and a limited time give to avail this offer and in the period from january to march 11th

And the group announced that the exchange is using a trading platform provided by simplex inc. and it is called “simplex cryptocurrency”.The mainly for this platform is trading tools for the general investors and for the business management system.

According to the DMM group announcement a subsidiary is launching a new cryptocurreny exchange. and it is announced earlier this week and its is filed with the japanese authority.

Cointap is the new cryotocurrency exchange that planned to be launch this spring. and it allows us easily buy the virtual currencies from the mobile apps from smart phones

Most of the people think that exchange of cryptocurrency is very difficult. But it is not true. DMM group explained whole cryptocurrency exchange process.
As per the announcement  japan’s DMM Bitcoin exchange opens fo business with 7cryptocurrencies.

There are 14 cryptocurrency pairs that are available for trading .
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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Top Competitors of Bitcoin

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The cryptocurrencies that give a tough competition to Bitcoin:


              This is the main rival of Bitcoin, and offenly referred as Silver to Bitcoin's Gold .It was created by Charlie Lee..It is a open global source payment and controlled by central authortiy and uses "scrypt" as a guided proofy thing and even can be resolved with the help of CPU's consumer grade..It is faster than Bitcoin in many ways even generates more block generation rate.The number of merchants that accepts Litecoin are increasing day by day..


            It is a Decentralized software platform that enables contracts and applications to build and execute or run every time without fraud or disturbed by a third basically runs on cryptographic token (ether).Ether  is like a token for moving around ethereum is used to codify,decentralize,secure and trade..It also captures the place of Litecoin ans gives a perfect competition for bitcoin..


       It is an open source cryptocurrency launched in late 2016 and attracted the crypto followers..The main thing that attracts is its privacy also provides extra security for each and every transaction and even they are published on blockchain ..They are often termed as "Sheilded Transactions" which only allow content to be encrypted using advance cryptographic or zero knowledge constructions.. Here the transactions are also recorded..


  This is the secretive version of a bitcoin and offers more secreties as it is a greatest master code network that is untraceble or unlocated ..It was earlier called Darkcoin which was termed as dash..It was created by Evan Duffield and it can also be mined using a CPU or GPU..It had gained a lot popularity in very short period of time..


  It is an international global setter network that offers user friendly payments .Ripple doesn't need a mining a feature that even makes apt differences between bitcoin and altcoin. It even reduce the usage of power and minimizes network latency .. It follows a distributive value that centralizes certain behaviours and also makes to distribute the xrp through business development deals , incentive to liquidity providers that makes spreads for has a current capitalization of $1.26 billion.It provides a tough competition to bitcoin in various aspects..
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Saturday, 6 January 2018

How to buy bitcoin by Lend money

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         According to the latest report some of the people   buying BITCOIN with borrowed money and some of them are buying by using credit card.

Last year a detailed report that explains that the world’s outstanding credit card debt has accumulated to over $1 trillion and the debt continues exponentially because of cryptocurrency and it trends worldwide

The latest consumer group says that 18% of people buying BITCOIN with borrowed currency

The following that describes the percentage of purchasing the BITCOIN:

ACH bank Transfers Process = 18.60%
Debit card = 33.63%
Credit card =18.15%
Bank Wire Transfer=13.39%
Other = 16.22%

22% of the people who borrowed the money are not paying off their DEBTS

The latest and recent survey that says and trends that borrowing money to purchase BITCOIN and other digital assets has been growing.

Some of the people paying their debts and the credit card bill by selling of the BITCOINS. And according to the latest results some of the people are not worrying about the BITCOIN price volatility

Overall 70% people are using the credit card and interest-bearing loans.
and According to the latest survey Out of 672 surveyed 18% of Lendneudu’s participants Use credit cards to purchase the BITCOIN.

And there are another ways to mine the BITCOIN buying the physical mining equipment and mining yourself or in a group, leasing of mine in the cloud and mining yourself (or) joining the cloud mining co-operation. and it is the better way to buy BITCOIN without borrowing of the money

Most of the people saying that paying off the high interest debt is always a good way to enrich yourself.

And some of the people are saying that buying cryptocurrency with the borrowed money is not worth and waste of money.
Many people in America are taking out mortgages to fund  their BITCOIN investments.some of them says that  credit cards and equity loans are being used quite often these days to betting  big on bitcoin paying off all  the investor debts.
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Thursday, 4 January 2018


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Dogecoin is also a crypto currency like bitcoin and it also known as joke currency and its logo was a dog Shiba inu the dog internet meme.
In 2014 January, it reached a capital of $60 million and it developed time to time.
In 2017,it has reached a capitalization of $1 billion.
It is denoted by D and it has international users.
Till December 2017,112 billion coins have been mined.
Its value is 0.00000036 bitcoin.


Bitcoin was the first crypto currency it has more users, traders, investors and more number of bitcoins were produced till 2017.
But bitcoin value changes variable but dogecoin value is very stable and it doesn't change.
Dogecoin is introduced after the bitcoin cryptocurrency.
Dogecoin cryptocurrency has low fees for the transaction than the bitcoin transaction.
The transaction fees of dogecoin is less than a cent or rupee.
Dogecoin is more interesting cryptocurrency and it's value is very less.
Dogecoin was introduced by former  IBM engineer BILLY MARKUS and JACKSON Palmer, a worker from Adobe systems.
BITCOIN was the first and independent cryptocurrency and it is not derived from any other cryptocurrency but dogecoin is derived and inspired from litecoin.
Bitcoin is based on the algorithm SHA-256.
Dogecoin is based on the algorithm Scrypt.
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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Bitcoin's Block Explorer

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Bitcoin Block Explorer basically describes of web tool that provides information about the blocks,transactions of a bitcoin it is an online block chain browser which is nothing but a website that helps the users find a block chain.many hyper links are provided for the site that helps us to gain access over various sites..The control of the bitcoin block explorer is gained by Liraz siri .The original creator was known to be Theymos.

It mainly aims for the advanced users who are aware of blocks and their usages.bitcoin blocks are first introduced in equivalent of a bitcoin and its network.when it comes to interfacing with the bitcoin block explorer the use of query pages are introduced when ever it is possible but that results in the  problems of HTTP fetching tool ,that finally leads to error display tool..and the data becomes inadvisable.Each of the API is embedded with a code in source language and displayed in the main site of block explorer.

The block explorer basically consists of 

Block index
Address properties
Unsent outputs 
Transaction by blocks
Transaction by addresses and multiple addresses
Transaction broadcasting
status of a bitcoin  network
Historic blockchain data sync status
live network p2p data sync
utility processes and it's methods
websocket API

The bitcoin block explorer also combines with telnet and displays information regarding telnet, when coming to ripple software it helps in maintaining and updating the software Many real time status display pages are existed before the arrival of the bitcoin block explorer. The unknown use of these explorer may leads to many systematic code errors.The strange transactions are also displayed on the main page along with latest transactions.It is also developed with hash tags which results into other webpages..A block data is available in user understandability where some information is not mentioned or not updated..

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Monday, 1 January 2018


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*Bitcoin is the digital currency that can we transfer money in the form of BITCOIN if any one needs (or) by paying through digital money wallet

*RIPPLE is slightly more complicated than BITCOIN in the purpose and function
 There are some of the major drawbacks in RIPPLE they are:
*Lot of people think that ripple cannot be a trusted company because its a private comapny and with some of the close connections to the banking system

*It is a centralised currency which is private and quite opposite to the BITCOIN
*BITCOIN is a decentralised currency which cannot be a officially partner with any company
*RIPPLE also operates through the blockchain whereas BITCOIN also operates through the blockchain
*As in public and government BITCOIN dominates the other digital currencies and giving quiet competition to the other digital wallet currencies
*one of the alternatives named STELLAR LUMENS(XLM), which is designed to make the international transactions
*It maintains the low transaction fees while transferring the money.
*some time BITCOIN may be slowest and most expensive crypto-currency for transfers
*And by the latest news and discussions it is heavily rumoured that RIPPLE(XRP) will soon be supported by the coinbase.
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