Saturday, 6 January 2018

How to buy bitcoin by Lend money

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         According to the latest report some of the people   buying BITCOIN with borrowed money and some of them are buying by using credit card.

Last year a detailed report that explains that the world’s outstanding credit card debt has accumulated to over $1 trillion and the debt continues exponentially because of cryptocurrency and it trends worldwide

The latest consumer group says that 18% of people buying BITCOIN with borrowed currency

The following that describes the percentage of purchasing the BITCOIN:

ACH bank Transfers Process = 18.60%
Debit card = 33.63%
Credit card =18.15%
Bank Wire Transfer=13.39%
Other = 16.22%

22% of the people who borrowed the money are not paying off their DEBTS

The latest and recent survey that says and trends that borrowing money to purchase BITCOIN and other digital assets has been growing.

Some of the people paying their debts and the credit card bill by selling of the BITCOINS. And according to the latest results some of the people are not worrying about the BITCOIN price volatility

Overall 70% people are using the credit card and interest-bearing loans.
and According to the latest survey Out of 672 surveyed 18% of Lendneudu’s participants Use credit cards to purchase the BITCOIN.

And there are another ways to mine the BITCOIN buying the physical mining equipment and mining yourself or in a group, leasing of mine in the cloud and mining yourself (or) joining the cloud mining co-operation. and it is the better way to buy BITCOIN without borrowing of the money

Most of the people saying that paying off the high interest debt is always a good way to enrich yourself.

And some of the people are saying that buying cryptocurrency with the borrowed money is not worth and waste of money.
Many people in America are taking out mortgages to fund  their BITCOIN investments.some of them says that  credit cards and equity loans are being used quite often these days to betting  big on bitcoin paying off all  the investor debts.
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