Thursday, 4 January 2018


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Dogecoin is also a crypto currency like bitcoin and it also known as joke currency and its logo was a dog Shiba inu the dog internet meme.
In 2014 January, it reached a capital of $60 million and it developed time to time.
In 2017,it has reached a capitalization of $1 billion.
It is denoted by D and it has international users.
Till December 2017,112 billion coins have been mined.
Its value is 0.00000036 bitcoin.


Bitcoin was the first crypto currency it has more users, traders, investors and more number of bitcoins were produced till 2017.
But bitcoin value changes variable but dogecoin value is very stable and it doesn't change.
Dogecoin is introduced after the bitcoin cryptocurrency.
Dogecoin cryptocurrency has low fees for the transaction than the bitcoin transaction.
The transaction fees of dogecoin is less than a cent or rupee.
Dogecoin is more interesting cryptocurrency and it's value is very less.
Dogecoin was introduced by former  IBM engineer BILLY MARKUS and JACKSON Palmer, a worker from Adobe systems.
BITCOIN was the first and independent cryptocurrency and it is not derived from any other cryptocurrency but dogecoin is derived and inspired from litecoin.
Bitcoin is based on the algorithm SHA-256.
Dogecoin is based on the algorithm Scrypt.
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