Saturday, 13 January 2018


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As per the latest news RELAINCE JIO COMMUNICATION services planning to launch its own cryotocurrency called“JIOCOIN” and the company’s venture headed by the “AKASH AMBANI” s/o “MUKESH AMBANI”

JIO communication services planned to build a BLOCK-CHAIN technology for JIOCOIN to launch its own cyrptocurrency

Relaince Jio  shakes the telecomm world with its free offers and given a big competitive for other telecomm services like AIRTEL,IDEA,VODAFONE,BSNL

JIO members are planned to hire 50members to work on the block-chain technology for “JIOCOIN”

Crypto currency is most popular and trending in all over the world. and the Relaince communication has planning to launch the “JIOCOIN”

As of now from JIO communication services they successfully launched the JIO smartphone and JIO-SIM with 4G technology and now successfully runs into the JIO-COIN which changes the world into digital currency.

IOT (internet on things) is now trending all over the world and the JIO communication services 
are following the same communication .But there is no official statement has released for 

As per sources and market the price of BITCOIN and LITECOIN decreased to 18% and 14% significantly. This may effects the crytpcurrency and “JIOCOIN”

ARUN JAITLEY who is the FINANCE MINISTER of INDIA announced that cryptocurrency is not legal in INDIA because the transactions are recorded publicly

There are 1300 cryptocurrencies worldwide and in INDIA there are 11exchanges that are dealing with cryptocurrencies

The virtual currency is the DIGITAL MONEY that money stored in the digital wallets and RBI says that there are losses in digital currency by hacking passwords and hack the digital wallet and they says no to cryptocurrency

Digital currency mostly use for illegal transactions and illicit transactions. so that no one knows who transacted the money. And there are 6lakh active cryptocurrency trade holders in the country as per TAX AUTHORITY
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