Monday, 1 January 2018


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*Bitcoin is the digital currency that can we transfer money in the form of BITCOIN if any one needs (or) by paying through digital money wallet

*RIPPLE is slightly more complicated than BITCOIN in the purpose and function
 There are some of the major drawbacks in RIPPLE they are:
*Lot of people think that ripple cannot be a trusted company because its a private comapny and with some of the close connections to the banking system

*It is a centralised currency which is private and quite opposite to the BITCOIN
*BITCOIN is a decentralised currency which cannot be a officially partner with any company
*RIPPLE also operates through the blockchain whereas BITCOIN also operates through the blockchain
*As in public and government BITCOIN dominates the other digital currencies and giving quiet competition to the other digital wallet currencies
*one of the alternatives named STELLAR LUMENS(XLM), which is designed to make the international transactions
*It maintains the low transaction fees while transferring the money.
*some time BITCOIN may be slowest and most expensive crypto-currency for transfers
*And by the latest news and discussions it is heavily rumoured that RIPPLE(XRP) will soon be supported by the coinbase.
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